by A Sense of Gravity

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Do Hoeijmans
Do Hoeijmans thumbnail
Do Hoeijmans Best debut album of 2014.

If you are into metal music this is a MUST HAVE Favorite track: Spectre.
finbeard thumbnail
finbeard massive. heavy. music that will make you think while it melts your eardrums with powerful delivery from all the performers. especially of note are the vocal passages in the bridge of Stormborn– you'd be hard pressed to find more all-encompassingly powerful metal vocals in the vast majority of progressive music currently being released. Favorite track: Stormborn.
Professor Konsui
Professor Konsui thumbnail
Professor Konsui At times fast paced and uplifting, and other times surreal and dreamlike. Incredible vocal work and the instrumentals are wonderful. Favorite track: Above the Horizon.
Shreddysam thumbnail
Shreddysam Think "Faith no More", trashier, heavier, even with its quieter parts...

Man, this is absolutely incredible stuff. The followup album was a step above, just in term of volume...

I would dare to say this is my favorite metal band, ever.... And I'm kinda finicky about my preferences...
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released February 21, 2014

C.J. Jenkins - vocals
David McDaniel - guitar
Brendon Williams - guitar, choir vocals, additional keyboard
Brandon Morris - keyboard, guitar
Chance Unterseher - bass
Peter Breene - drums

Produced by Brendon Williams
All compositions by Brendon Williams, David McDaniel, and C.J. Jenkins
All lyrics by C.J. Jenkins except "Breakthrough," by Brendon Williams, and the outro to "Spectre," by Williams/Jenkins
All arrangements by Brendon Williams
Drums engineered by Jason Lackie at Fastback Studios
Electric guitar, bass, and keyboard engineered by Brendon Williams
Vocals and acoustic guitar engineered by C.J. Jenkins
Mixed by Brendon Williams
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios

Cover art by Hanna Myers
Band logo and additional designs by Bryce Moulton


all rights reserved



A Sense of Gravity Seattle, Washington

Combining searing riffs with powerful melodies, contemporary jazz harmony, polyrhythmic grooves, and virtuosic solos, A Sense of Gravity is dedicated above all to strong, musical composition and moving songwriting.

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Track Name: Wraith
This divide is realized in fire

Shovel her self
Into the earth’s crust
Unable to pry
Suffocating wrap off
Hating their touch
A little too much
Fiery scene
Escape to powdered trees

Ascending remorse
With careful discourse
A solemn reveal
Hums farewell tonight
Sisterly shade
Her calling out fades
Sister replies
It is so hot inside

Trepid denial
Not feeling worthwhile
Reliving the past
That made them not last
Curdling screams
The sound of her dreams
Enter stage right
Her final tomb tonight

Trapping one half
Unconsciousness misstep
Revealing what’s left
A disastrous concept
Summon her all
To live and not fall
Inherent design
Sustain flesh that binds

Conveying the thought
Spawns wraith that will haunt
Conspiring ghost
Douses flames of life’s most
Precious mistakes
At times can lay waste
To short-sighted dreams
Themes of brooding hate

Meaningless wounds
Leaving regretful scars
Suppose there are ways
That don’t leave her charred
Ending once more
Unnerving mind horror
Repeal the dissent
Take a tandem breath

Look at
What you’ve done

The only counterpart you had,
You left

Burning in a box
She will live no more

So you think you can just erase a life
Well you’ve destroyed all that you could

You will see
The meaning of life embodied in tragedy

Locked inside her torn desire for more
This divide is realized in fire
A pair of twins distributed just once
Wake once again from innocent sin
Join her

Track Name: Stormborn
With every second I am blown away
By revelations that strangle all the life from me
High expectations, congenital defect
A devolution, a cause without effect
I am stormborn

The execution of the id that is to rule them all
Exaggerates how disconnected we are as Millennials
Caressing what’s depressing brings relief that undermines
Impatiently awaiting exaltation leaves one compromised

It’s my fault
Not to have seen
Regression toward the mean
On my throne
I wanted more

Silent forever
Never crush us down
Keep it together
The yearning is bound to stop

Have to trust you’re not alone
A human truth explains it all
Debilitating flaws of mind
Are bent and carefully refined
As difficult as it may be
Removing the amenities
From dying dreams, now fantasies
Humor me

Tragically utopia plants its seeds
Destinies that bloom cannot be retrieved
Savagely the thorns are puncturing me

I won’t be confined
By these dying vines

Break through the ceiling
Fractured with time

Reach past the center
Take what is mine
Track Name: Breakthrough
Light’s astray
I try waiting
No life calls me
Where is the answer
The one essential

Something’s come
Shroud’s unveiling
Earth’s hands guide me
I feel the power
Enlight creation
Track Name: Answers Lost
Left to die
Forever sought
I’m reeling
The answer’s lost
Sundered soul pleads, pulled toward the nether

Damaged dreams
Forever sought
Stop healing
The answer’s lost
Shattered haunt grieves
Lifeless forever

Sit and rot
Forever sought
Cause why not?
The answer’s lost
The torturous killer’s fully enabled

Forever sought
The answer’s lost
That’s when it ends
Entranced by evil

What’s my existence coming to
I’ll waste my life appeasing you

I’ll pay my dues
Just let me fasten the noose
Track Name: Harbinger
The land of those consumed by will control
Is forsaken by an heir’s rules only he has grown
Can’t run, for fear that I’ll be up for show
Treason is believing there’s a reason we are born at all

My ankles bear the group’s movement
The stare of scopes that watch us everywhere
Unknown why I’ve been chosen to endure
Hunger, torture, prison vultures, and a shattered human core

Work till the end
Rarely being fed
The walls of this cell
Outline a generational hell

Pulled from on the fields
Questioned on who revealed
The other worldly mysteries

With gun held to my back
I’m hoisted on this rack
Revolving fire, payment for treachery

Peeling skin seared
Steaming my tears
Cannot convince them to put me out of
This hellish agony
I have done no wrong

Boiling my abdomen
The burning spear
Has opened a portal to my insides
I pray the end is near
Finally, tossed into the night



Human rights




Lesser man

Escape tonight and leave this
Modern holocaustic cage of sick reign
Alone I walk for miles
A toxic cloud of doubt won’t taint the air I freely breath at last

What becomes of my life
Cannot understand the paper they trade
The ease at which they get food
Hard to believe, I can hardly conceive of the possibilities

I am the harsh reality
Bypassing global eyes
Millions suffer
Hundreds of thousands die

End all those responsible
Destroy the leader’s lies
Then comes the test for all the rest to learn this earth

Track Name: Above the Horizon
Construct a new disease
From nothing
Ignorance for days
Truth that will sever

Afflict for all to see
A fixture of the past
Society falls

Wake, time to wake
Right away

Constrict the human race
Delusional dreams
Struggle repeating

Capsizing misery
Disturbs the sea of those
That can’t trust in growth

Wake, time to wake
Right away

Above the horizon
Revision’s the night’s to decide

The sly injection
That miscommunicates
Heartless horde defiled
By his minced words

Wake, time to wake
Right away

Above the horizon
Revision’s the night’s to decide

The sly injection
That miscommunicates
Rabid hordes defiled
By his minced words
Track Name: Ration Reality
Seek what’s underneath
Discover the need obsessively

Be swept away
Shun reality

Bleeding eyes awake
Possessor of me, proceed

Ration reality
Replay, replay

Drowning the host
Potent dose
Submit potential to reason
Withdraw, unable
Track Name: Weaving Memories
When I sing praises of my former self
It seems to me
It’s bent into what it’s supposed to be
I have been longing for more
To relive the day
That will always remain
Just a thought away

Time and again
Worlds that I mend
Lack the villains
That define them
All the heroes
Have forgotten

Weaving memories
Weaving memories

Without care
I tie in knots the threads that lead me where
I flee
Into a place that’s not quite history
I am aware I ignore
What I leave askew
Realign, misconstrue
I’m happy, aren’t you
Track Name: Spectre
Frayed will fills ritual hourglass
Unsurprisingly time's slow but fast
My sharpened brushes wait to slice through
A bloodied portrait of you

I submit I'm alone
Transcending right and wrong
Convinced I'm imprisoned
By this flaw of mine
That sees no line

Night will drown my days
The onslaught feeds my craze

Kiss your god goodbye
Cause now your soul is mine

I cut through the issues in my mind
Continue to slice through all these lies

My tongue's grown numb from lying constantly
Convince my friends there's nothing wrong with me
I have just slid by

Conflicting thoughts create an entity
A long lost one that watches over me
Saves my hide

Frayed will tips ritual hourglass
Unsurprisingly my time has past
My flawless system hibernates through
A routine existence renewed

I submit I'm alone
Transcending right and wrong
Convinced I'm imprisoned
By this flaw of mine
That sees no line

Terror comes to life when evil's in my sights
Corrupt soul corrodes corruption once for all

I've cut through the issues in my mind
Continue to slice through all these lies
In review these issues stay alive

Trapped inside a fabricated life
Terrified to free a soul confined
Endlessly the mind refines its lies
Redefine this false design
End this fall